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Navigating CBP and Prior Notice of FDA’s Imported Products

As the pace of FDA regulated products increases, companies importing food, dietary supplements, food additives, food and dietary ingredients to the United States must keep pace with changing regulations intended to ensure the safety of U.S. consumer and integrity of the food-based products being imported. FDA has historically seen an import rate increase of 5-10% in the last decade and in 2018, 31% of those were food products requiring prior notice.

Understanding how to navigate the FDA and US Customs import process, including how to utilize their programs to expedite the review of paperwork and shipments at the US ports of entry will be …

Angel Suarez

Angel Suarez

Angel Suarez is a former Supervisor Consumer Safety Officer with the Food & Drug Administration. In this role he had responsibility of import enforcement in areas of seafood and Low-Acid Canned Food (LACF) as well as foreign inspections, warning letters,...