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Dietary Supplement GMP Compliance Virtual Seminar

February 2, 4, 9 & 11, 2021 • Virtual Event

Enhance your understanding of compliance requirements under 21 CFR 111, responsibilities of domestic and foreign firms who manufacture, label, pack or hold dietary supplements for sale in the United States, including those involved with the testing, quality control and distribution of supplements.

Safe Food for Canadians

Safe Foods for Canadians – What you Need to Know

February 23, 2021

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for the safety of food products sold in Canada by enforcing the recently implemented Safe Foods for Canadians Regulation (SFCR). It is a compilation of 14 sets of regulations governing safety of human foods and slaughter animals sold and traded. Though the requirements of SFCR are similar to the Preventive Control Rules for Human Food of USFDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), SFCA is distinctly different, with unique licensing requirements, its own set of preventive control plans and traceability provisions for both licensed and non-licensed foods.

What do you need to know about SFCR and compliance requirements? Join EAS and independent consultant Rama Narasimhan for a look at the Safe Foods for Canadians Regulations and specific compliance challenges differentiating it from FSMA.

We’ll start with an overview and then go in-depth with key examples highlighting questions and their solutions.

California Prop 65

California Proposition 65 and the Food Industry

Presented by EAS Independent Consultant Tom Jonaitis

Proposition 65 is a statute that all companies selling products into California must comply with by providing warnings if their products contain certain chemicals that result in consumer exposure above a certain daily threshold. Failure to comply with the stringent requirements of Prop 65, which are above and beyond the requirements of any other federal or state safety/regulatory requirements, can result in costly enforcement action. The food and dietary supplement industries have been frequently targeted for alleged violations, and industry as a whole pays out tens of millions of dollars each year to plaintiff lawyers finding non-compliant products. EAS Independent Consultant, Tom Jonaitis, will provide key insights into the compliance and enforcement trends, important regulatory changes/case studies that highlight compliance issues, and practical guidance on how to ensure products are compliant.

COVID-19 Updates

Food Industry Control and Protection Against COVID-19

The COVID 19 Pandemic has forced the food industry to alter some of its operations in order to maintain a safe environment for its employees and customers. Urgent attention must be given to ensure compliance with measures that protect food workers from …

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Food Labeling Challenges in a Pandemic

Under normal circumstances, food producers have many plates to spin in order to comply with food regulations, including food labeling requirements. Most especially, in order to assure accurate food ingredient, allergen and nutrition labeling, manufacturers must be certain they possess the most recent …

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Drug and Device Corner February 2021

CDER's Work to Meet User Fee Goals During the Pandemic website includes an overview of the agency’s thinking regarding manufacturing facility inspections during the age of COVID-19. As always, the...

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EAS offers comprehensive services related to FSMA’s FSVP program for both foods and dietary supplements. We can even act as your Qualified Individual. For more information about our services, watch our short video.

Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance Short Course

The GMPs dictated in 21 CFR 111 have been in place for over a decade, but the FDA continues to issue numerous Warning Letters for a failure to comply with even the basic tenants of the regulation. EAS Consulting Group’s two-part short course covers the basics of working in a GMP environment including personal hygiene, sanitation, the use of SOPs, and Good Documentation Practices (GDPs). It also addresses the top 5 observations cited in FDA Warning Letters since 2010 which are Specifications, Master Manufacturing and Batch Production Records, Quality Unit responsibilities, Product Complaints, and Holding and Distribution Operations.

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