Food Labeling Compliance Seminar – September 24-25, 2018 in Kansas City, MO

Specializing in FDA Regulatory Matters


As States begin to legalize and regulate the Cannabis industry, important considerations must be addressed. One of these is the development and implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and a quality system that meets the new state regulations. While not all state regulations are the same, some are similar to the food industry and others more like dietary supplement and pharmaceutical GMPs, the expectation across the board is that facilities throughout the supply chain will have these systems and be closely monitored.

Navigating these regulations and establishing GMPs can be very challenging, particularly for a new industry. Let EAS’ team of Independent Consultants, experts in food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical GMPs as well as state regulatory requirements, assist your team with interpreting the regulations and determining how best to comply. EAS has independent experts with backgrounds as former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance and inspection officials, and former industry executives, most of whom have more than 25 years of regulatory experience in quality systems; GMPs; regulatory compliance; and chemistry and microbiology. It is this first-hand, vast experience that sets EAS apart.

We’ll help you develop compliant quality and manufacturing procedures, policies and systems that are best your business:

  • SOP and Policy Development
  • Documentation for all Record Keeping Practices
  • Quality Management Systems
    • Production and Process Controls
    • Laboratory Operations
    • Quality Investigations of Non-Conforming Materials and Product
    • Managing Returns, Complaint, and Recalls
  • Establishing Specifications for Raw Materials, In-Process Materials, and Finished Product
  • Sanitation Practices and Controls
    • Environmental Monitoring
  • Product Traceability
  • Inventory Controls
  • Waste Divergence
  • Company Organization and Personnel Training Programs
  • Facility Auditing including Gap Analyses and Mock-Inspections
  • Contractor Audits
    • Cultivators
    • Manufacturers
    • Packagers
    • Distributors
    • Laboratory
  • Site Security Systems