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Food Safety StrategiesAngel Suarez was interviewed on GMPs and Food Code 2017 Guidelines in an article published in Food Safety Strategies. In the food area, the GMPs ensure that ingredients, products and packaging materials are prepared, presented and handled safely and that food products are prepared in a suitable environment. Employee training is a must.

“The Food Code continues to be a model for adoption by states to safeguard public health and ensure that food offered to the consumer is not adulterated and a cause for illness outbreaks. It continues to be the best advice offered to the retail and food service industry addressing the safety and protection of food with the objective for reduction of the risk of foodborne illnesses caused by retail food and restaurant establishments, thus protecting consumers and industry from potentially devastating health consequences and financial losses.

“The Food Code 2017 contains several amendments and clarifications for the food service industry. These changes were made throughout the document for internal consistency, to correct some errors in the 2013 Code… Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat (RTE) food products is to be avoid under any circumstance to provide needed safeguards: It is important the employee be trained and practice thorough handwashing in order to avoid contamination of the food or food serving places, dishes and eating utensils, as outlined in the Code… Overconfidence on the use of gloves must also be addressed as a contaminated glove and transfer foodborne pathogens as easily as any bare hand.” Read more at Food Safety Strategies.

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