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Product consistency is the most important factor in achieving the holy grail of product manufacturing: return customers. Yet, too many companies are producing inconsistent products due to their lack of insight into their own supply chains. Running the risk of invoking the costliest mistake of all, a product recall. How do you prevent such a disaster from happening? One solution is to perform a supply chain audit.

We’re about a year into cannabis 2.0, a.k.a. the legalization of edible cannabis products in Canada, and we’ve learned a lot – most emphatically that we have a lot left to learn. The way certain ingredients interact (such as chocolate’s effect on cannabinoid potency), developing palatable flavour profiles, even formulating appetizing product textures has been surprisingly challenging… or not surprising, depending on whether you’re a CBD beverage glass-half-full or glass-half-empty type of person.

We’re also seeing a lot of edibles claiming a “premium” product positioning and failing to deliver on that promise, in part because there isn’t a whiff of regulatory guidance on what a premium-level product actually is. But whether you’re developing a premium edible product, or hoping to occupy a more “palatable” price-point, it’s crucially important to focus on the big product picture – your supply chain.


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