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Vera K. Petrova Dickinson, Ph.D.

EAS Independent Consultant

Dr. Vera K. Petrova Dickinson fosters data-driven, integrated approaches to ensure the safety and integrity of the food system. This includes helping businesses and organizations of all types to improve their strategies and processes to prevent food-borne issues before they occur, discover innovation opportunities in a rapidly changing world, and create a safer world.

Dr. Petrova Dickinson is a perceptive analyst, skilled communicator, and engaging, creative problem solver. Her experience includes over two decades as a Food Safety and Quality executive, risk assessor and mitigator, and a business partner. She has worked for large global CPG companies, including Mondelez Int, Mars Wrigley, Danone, as well as Sargento Foods, a smaller US-based company. Dr. Petrova Dickinson is a passionate leader who is focused on the elevation of cross-functional teams to improve food safety systems and to protect businesses and consumers around the world.

Dr. Petrova Dickinson holds an M.S. in Food Sciences, an M.B.A./M.G.M., and a Ph.D. in Animal Sciences, Food Microbiology. She has advanced training and practice in risk assessment, food law, HACCP, and Preventive Controls.

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