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Gisela Leon

EAS Independent Consultant

EAS Consulting Group’s independent consultant, Gisela Leon, brings in over 33 years of experience in international labeling. She is experienced in USA labeling requirements of food, dietary supplements and cosmetics and in European food laws and multi-language labeling. As a regulatory consultant, she focuses on a concise review process, having reviewed hundreds of labels for US compliance and helped international products to come into compliance with US regulations. Her international labeling background allows her to point out differences or similarities with other countries.

EAS Consulting Group, a member of the Certified family of companies, is a global leader in regulatory solutions for industries regulated by FDA, USDA, and other federal and state agencies. Our network of over 150 independent advisors and consultants enables EAS to provide comprehensive consulting, training and auditing services, ensuring proactive regulatory compliance for food, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, tobacco, hemp and CBD.

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