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The submission stage of a New Infant Formula Notification may seem like the beginning of the end of a years-long process of research and strategic development. But, without all the right documentation in place, this last step prior to product launch can be unnecessarily delayed for those companies not well-prepared for the rigors of FDA review and assessment.

Learn the steps to NIFNs as well as the pitfalls and challenges companies face in leading up to the assembling of an Infant Formula dossier. EAS Consulting Group’s experts will walk you through challenges and pitfalls which delay or prevent final FDA approval of this most important nutrient for growing infants. Join Robert Martin, Ph.D., Robert Burns, Ph.D., and Timothy Morck, Ph.D. on April 2, 2019, at 1 pm Eastern for a technical overview of one of FDA’s most challenging applications. Register today and learn more about EAS services in infant formulas in this explainer video.

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