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In the competitive FDA space, mergers and acquisitions of brands and formulations are a common occurrence and help gain a competitive edge. These critical decisions have far reaching implications, including exposure to regulatory risks which can have devastating financial consequences.

As part of your M&A considerations an important part of the vetting process should be a due diligence assessment and third-party audit of the business under review.

EAS is a leading consulting firm assisting with due diligence assessments and third-party audits of FDA and USDA regulated companies. We help you to identify regulatory risks and compliance gaps and determine whether appropriate steps and corrective actions have or should be taken. Our assessments offer an unbiased and clear picture of regulatory risk captured in a detailed report of findings and summary of observations, including criticality, and recommended potential corrective actions.

Our audits are customizable to your needs and questions, and can be conducted virtually.

Additionally, through our strategic alignment with Certified Laboratories, we can also ensure your testing requirements and challenges are met through a robust scope of sophisticated testing services.

Download our Due Diligence and M&A Regulatory Support Service Sheet here and learn more about our Virtual Consulting Services here. We also support Food and Drug attorneys and in-house counsel through Due Diligence Assessments and Expert Witness Services for litigation matters.

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