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Presented by Mehrdad Tajkarimi, Ph.D., EAS Independent Consultant


The challenge of detecting Food Fraud has never been greater nor the economic loss to food manufacturers, importers, retailers and consumers. In the recent past, we have had to rely on the integrity of the supply chain, person to person relationships and trained sensory staff to try and identify food fraud. The supply chain has become long and complicated, person-to-person relationships are not as strong as in the past and the sophistication of those making and selling fraudulent food can fool even a well-trained sensory specialist.

Thankfully the ongoing development of reliable and repeatable laboratory testing methods for analyzing and detecting fraudulent foods is advancing to the point where food fraud may be detectable at all levels of the supply chain. As the detection technologies advance, this technology is also becoming more readily available and less costly with results available in minutes or hours versus days and weeks.



About the Presenter

Mehrdad Tajkarimi

EAS independent consultant, Mehrdad Tajkarimi, Ph.D. is an expert in national and international food safety regulations, warehouse and wholesale manufacturing, dairy, grain, poultry and retail industries, HACCP, food defense, ISO 22000, BRC. He assists clients with organic requirements, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), as well as in natural food preservatives and packaging, foodborne pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms characteristics, SPC and shelf-life studies.

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