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Cell-Cultured Meat Products and Plant-Based Protein Analogues

Prepared by Beth Loberant, Independent Consultant for EAS Consulting Group and HACCP Consulting Group

An EAS Consulting Group White Paper discusses regulatory aspects and consumer trends in cell-cultured meat products and plant-based protein analogues.

As consumer acceptance increases and with more efficient regulatory pathways available, cultured meat products will be developed to be substantially equivalent to conventional products not just in appearance, texture and taste; but also, nutritionally, physically and chemically.

Advanced analogue protein products of sufficient quality and competitive pricing will ultimately take their place in the market. The plant-based protein industry is moving ahead rapidly; however, it will take some time for the cell-cultured meat industry to reach appreciable scale.

A regulatory status of e.g. GRAS, FDA approved food additive, FDA approved color additive, in the US and EU Novel Food or other status in Europe etc. for ingredients will be required, as well be meeting accepted food safety guidelines as well as appropriate labeling and analytical methods to support information on nutrition facts panels.

The challenges are complex, as well as varied, as the cell-culture-based food industry moves mainstream. Read more here.

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