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Jane M. Caldwell, PhD

EAS Independent Consultant

Jane M. Caldwell, PhD, has over 25 years diverse experience with analytical testing and R & D in food, pet food, water quality, poultry production, aquaculture, epidemiology, and molecular biology. She was formerly director of Merieux’s food testing lab in Springfield, MO specializing in dairy and plant-based meat alternatives. Prior to that she was Assistant Director of Midwest Labs, specializing in pet food testing and a stakeholder in the AAFCO research committee.

While working for the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Jane developed and patented a molecular method to quantify the time-temperature treatment of processed foods using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). Using 16S ribosomal RNA primers and genomic sequencing, she discovered and characterized a new microbe which causes spoilage in pickle and beer fermentations. As a molecular biology expert, Jane recently worked as a consultant to troubleshoot algorithms for qPCR detection of COVID-19 infections which improved the accuracy of the kits filed under the Emergency Use Authorization. Jane is presently a contributing editor of food safety and quality for Food Technology Magazine.

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