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Complimentary webinar presented by EAS Consulting Group and Certified Laboratories

Presented by Allen Sayler, EAS Senior Director for Food Consulting Services & Ted Andrew, Certified Laboratories

Update on New Food Manufacturing Facility and Employee Hygiene Tools – Introduction of the EAS – Certified Laboratories

While the “new norm” for food manufacturing hygienic practices is rapidly evolving, an intense focus on proactive assurance of food and employee safety is the top industry priority. With increased focus on hygienic practices comes an increased requirement to data demonstrating a solid monitoring program as well as tracking hygienic events and documentation of mitigation or kill steps.

Have these new norms been incorporated into your food safety protocols? Do you have a hygiene improvement, monitoring and tracking system in place?

Learn the principles of this new era in food safety with EAS Consulting Group and Certified Laboratories’ comprehensive “Hygiene Improvement, Monitoring & Tracking System.”

Using a system of best-in-class model food safety prerequisite programs as well as on-site and virtual assessments, EAS and Certified will analyze your current program, identify opportunities based on gap assessments and assist with implementation of enhanced safety protocols, including data analysis, specific to your facility’s operations.

Learn more about monitoring tools, testing and statistical data tracking that enable rapid response and assurance that an effective mitigation program is in place. Offered as a comprehensive solution or a la carte, this is an essential part of the new hygienic “norm.”

Join Allen Sayler, EAS Senior Director for Food Consulting Services, to learn more about industry and regulatory expectations around the advancement of food hygienic practices and Ted Andrew of Certified Laboratories for an overview of the EAS and Certified’s combined program offerings.

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