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Georgina Sofronas

EAS Independent Consultant

Georgina Sofronas has over 25 years of Canadian Regulatory Affairs expertise at global top-tier companies such as SmithKline Beecham, Pfizer, Cadbury, Colgate-Palmolive and Estee Lauder where she has played leading roles in regulatory classification, claims development, labelling, advertising and submissions. Throughout her career, Georgina has regularly interacted with various Canadian Regulatory Authorities such as Health Canada, and others. She has extensive hands-on proficiency with several Canadian regulated categories including products equivalent to US OTCs and Dietary Supplements such as Natural Health Products (NHPs) non-prescription DIN (Drug Identification Number) drugs, medical devices (Class I – II), cosmetics, packaged foods (including meal replacement), and consumer chemicals. Georgina brings in-depth experience with various therapeutic categories including oral care, cough & cold, allergy, GI, first-aid, skin care, nutritional supplements, including negotiating many unique approvals including the reclassification of various OTC actives and other ingredients.

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