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The Voluntary Qualified Import Program (VQIP) enables qualified importers of food and food products into the U.S. an expedited review and entry. However, meeting the stringent requirements of the VQIP program requires a thorough demonstration of documented safety of foreign suppliers of human and animal foods as well as an unblemished history of imports.

FDA uses its Predictive Risk-based Evaluation for Dynamic Import Compliance Targeting (PREDICT) import screening tool to recognize shipments of food that are part of an approved VQIP application. The technical application requirements to achieve VQIP status can be time-consuming and complicated, but the end result is a smoother facilitation of imports. Many firms find VQIP to be of benefit to their operations and that of their customers in the US. In some cases, firms wishing to apply for VQIP seek an independent third-party certification of assurance of compliant practices.

EAS Consulting Group offers preparatory assessments against VQIP requirements for firms seeking approval into the program directly or through third-party certifications. EAS ensures that all processes and procedures are compliant with the rigorous safety requirements and identifies any gaps which must be addressed, ultimately better positioning firms when seeking FDA recognition into the VQIP program.

Contact EAS today for a desk assessment of SOPs and review of safety documentation, including that of suppliers, or bring EAS consultants in-house for a mock third-party certification audit prior to undergoing the official inspection. Thorough preparation for VQIP recognition will make for a smoother inspection process and ultimate certification, saving your business time and money by getting your products to the consumer in an expedited manner. For more information contact EAS today. You may also wish to view our recent on-demand webinar on VQIP requirements or search VQIP in the search bar of the EAS website to learn more about the program and our services.

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