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John Sawyer

John Sawyer is a regulatory and quality professional with over 30 years of experience in the medical device, electronic and aerospace industries. He is a Senior Member of ASQ and a registered Lead Quality Management Systems Auditor with the International Register of...

Are Industry-Initiated Environmental Swab-a-Thons a Benefit?

The emphasis on proactive management of issues that could cause a food safety hazard, per FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, requires firms to improve controls for a variety of issues at all levels. One hot-button concern that continues to wreak havoc in the industry is that of pathogen contamination. It is generally understood that contamination in the processing environment will eventually make its way into the product. Even with the best of safety controls, it is imperative that companies have a robust environmental monitoring program that includes vigilant and regular testing. After all, finished product testing gives limited data and is a small snapshot of the entire lot manufactured. FDA can take hundreds of swabs during inspections, does your environmental monitoring meet that level of testing?

What Exactly is an FSVP?

By Allen Sayler Ask the Expert offers a chance for our readers to submit questions to EAS regarding areas of regulatory confusion. This month’s question is answered by Allen Sayler, Senior Director of Food Consulting Services. If you’d like to submit a...