The Role of Your US Agent

Foreign entities who operate in US FDA regulated industries must have an appointed US Agent before doing business and importing products into the US. US Agents act as an intermediary between the foreign company and FDA, assisting with two-way communication on requirements and questions such as establishment and facility registrations, product listings as well as submissions such as Foreign Color Manufacturers Testing and Approval through FDA, drug submissions such as IND, DMF, ANDA and their amendments and annual updates, and medical device applications such as 510(k), 513(g), PMA and IDE.

In addition to these basic requirements, regulatory US Agents have expertise in providing additional services to foreign clients such as technical reviews of submissions prior to FDA submission, preparation for FDA facility inspections (both through mock-inspections and desk-reviews of documentation), any Corrective Action Plans required by FDA and by providing answers to various questions surrounding the complex FDA regulatory requirements.

This webinar is presented by EAS Senior Director for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Consulting Services, Bryan J. Coleman and Regulatory Specialist, Victoria Pankovich have covered important basic requirements of the US Agent role as well as opportunities to enhance your understanding of FDA oversight of foreign facilities.

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