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USDA Consulting On-Demand Webinar

Hear from the Experts: Meeting USDA Federal Food Regulatory Requirements

Learn how to expand your operation without sacrificing safety.

How are you preparing for the long-term growth of your business? Whether you’ve recently obtained federal funding or plan to apply for funding in the future, join us to learn more about the current Administration’s policy objectives and how they impact your business. Whether you have specific in-plant food safety questions, need help applying for a federal Grant of Inspection, or are interested in learning more about upcoming grant funding opportunities, EAS Consulting and Ag Grant Solutions can assist.

Watch our overview video

Tim Lombardo

Senior Director for Food Consulting Services at EAS Consulting Group

Tim Lombardo
EAS Consulting Group

Carmen Rottenberg

Managing Director at Groundswell Strategy

Tim Lombardo
Groundswell Strategy

Alex Freeman

President at Agriculture Grant Solutions

Tim Lombardo
Agriculture Grant Solutions

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