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Key Issues and Practical Guidance

Presented by EAS Independent Consultant Tom Jonaitis

Proposition 65 is a statute that all companies selling products into California must comply with by providing warnings if their products contain certain chemicals that result in consumer exposure above a certain daily threshold. Failure to comply with the stringent requirements of Prop 65, which are above and beyond the requirements of any other federal or state safety/regulatory requirements, can result in costly enforcement action. The food and dietary supplement industries have been frequently targeted for alleged violations, and industry as a whole pays out tens of millions of dollars each year to plaintiff lawyers finding non-compliant products. EAS Independent Consultant, Tom Jonaitis, will provide key insights into the compliance and enforcement trends, important regulatory changes/case studies that highlight compliance issues, and practical guidance on how to ensure products are compliant.

Key learning objectives

  1. Understand how Proposition 65 applies to the food and supplement industries,
  2. Discover enforcement trends and red-flag issues specific to these industries,
  3. Learn practical steps in evaluating compliance of products that are robust and defensible against enforcement action.

About the speaker

Canadian-based Tom Jonaitis works with clients in the food, dietary supplement, consumer product and related industries, providing comprehensive toxicology and regulatory consulting guidance and support. He is an expert in regulatory evaluations including scientific literature hazard reviews and summaries, as well as creating pre-market quality and safety dossiers for novel food and dietary supplement ingredients applications to government agencies – FDA, Health Canada and Australia’s TGA, FSANZ. Tom reviews and evaluates the results of in vitro and in vivo toxicological studies and has additional expertise in pesticide/agricultural chemical regulations, workplace hazard classifications, and spray foam human health risk assessments.

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