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The 12-Steps of Operational Efficiency

How Aligning of Operations and Quality Assurance Can Drive Down Costs While Improving Efficiency

Presented by Mike Hughes and Steve Cammarn, Ph.D., EAS Independent Consultants

Operations and Quality Assurance departments often operate in opposition.

Their different goals lead to different approaches to doing business. After all, Operations is tasked with making as much stuff as efficiently and profitably as possible while QA must ensure that all products meet quality requirements. All too often, their disjointed efforts seem to result in conflict.

Join EAS experts, Mike Hughes and Steve Cammarn, for a look at how Operations and QA can better align towards their true shared common goal, that of providing quality products that help consumers. Learn a 12-step process to improving Operational efficiency without sacrificing quality. It sounds simple, but it isn’t easy.

What are the 12-steps of Operational efficiency and how can you incorporate them into your business? Join EAS on March 22, 2022 at 1pm eastern.

About the Presenters

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes has over 35 years of experience delivering results and leading organizations. Mike specializes in operational leadership, supply chain design, and improving operating culture. Prior to joining EAS, Mike had a successful career at Procter & Gamble working on trusted brands such as Vicks, Pepto, and Metamucil. Mike’s assignments included many leadership roles in operations, supply chain design, and several M&A deals. Mike has passion for driving service, quality and cost results while building the capability of individuals and organizations.

Steve Cammarn, Ph.D.

Steve Cammarn, Ph.D. is an expert in pharmaceuticals and personal care products with a particular focus on quality assurance of manufacturing, research and development. Prior to consulting Dr. Cammarn built a career at The Procter & Gamble Company where he oversaw quality assurance and quality control in plants across six continents and had direct oversight in areas such as formulation, process engineering, and technical services. Dr. Cammarn’s doctorate is in Pharmaceutical Science from The University of Cincinnati and his bachelors are in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State University.

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