FDA Nutrition Labeling Revisions and Impact on Food Label Claims

For the first time in more than two decades, FDA has updated the Nutrition Facts label found on most food packages in the U.S. with three regulations update: revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels and changes in some of the serving sizes of foods. Two of the new regulations have a major impact on the food industry requiring an estimated 800,000 labels to be updated.

EAS is ready to assist you in compliance with these important changes including formatting, mandatory nutrients, added sugars, dietary fiber, folate, and serving sizes. Our newest training, FDA Nutrition Labeling Revisions and Impact on Food Label Claims which focuses on the 2016 Nutrition Labeling Final Rules, offers an in-depth discussion of the required Nutrition Facts Panel and Supplements Facts Panel revisions as well as opportunities and challenges for new claims and existing nutrient content claims based on Daily Values. The impact on the “healthy” claim and authorized health claims will also be discussed. Students will come away with a step-by-step plan on how to “tackle” the conversion from the old Nutrition Facts Panel format to the new.

Taught by expert EAS labeling consultants, this one-day seminar will help you gain the most important information necessary to understand required changes that must be made to your product labels in order for them to be in compliance with FDA’s newest requirements.

At this Seminar you will:

  • Learn FDA’s latest labeling requirements from regulatory experts.
  • Be able to ask questions of former FDA officials to get an understanding of how the Agency thinks.
  • Receive a valuable Participant’s Manual containing all slides and handout materials that will save you time and help assure your labels are in compliance.
  • Get an opportunity to apply learning in practical work sessions.