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Paula Brock, Ph.D., MCSI

Senior Regulatory & Scientific Consultant

Paula Brock

Works directly with EAS’ Senior Director, Labeling, Cannabis and Claims Consulting Services to assure client satisfaction and project management. She collaborates with EAS consultants and clients to provide excellence in service. Dr. Brock facilitates food, dietary supplement, and cosmetic label compliance reviews, develops marketing materials for FDA and FTC compliance, including claims substantiation. She provides scientific services such as clinical study design, data analysis, herb-drug interaction studies, product formulation, safety and efficacy of ingredients, ingredient monograph writing, safety opinions, adverse event investigations, and develops claims and slides for marketing purposes. She serves as GRAS and NDI expert panelist.

Dr Brock has 22 years of experience in pharmacology and toxicology. Her first 13 years in academia she specialized in clinical and preclinical research, neuroscience, analytical and clinical pharmacology, molecular biology, and personalized medicine. Her last 9 years in industry she added US and international regulations on dietary supplements, cosmetics, drug-herb interaction, adverse event investigations, safety and efficacy claims substantiation, product formulation, and public speaking. Dr Brock has held Senior Director positions in Scientific and Regulatory Affairs with the U.S. dietary supplement/cosmetic industry.  Dr Brock’s Ph.D. is in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Utah, Master of Science in Clinical Investigation from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and bachelor’s in chemistry and pharmacy.

Recent articles:

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