Submission of GRAS and Food Additives for Animal Foods

CVM approval for food products, both pet food, and animal feed, is a complex and technically challenging process. Our toxicologists which specialize in animal products can answer questions such as whether certain antibiotics are safe in food-producing animals as well as the safety of pet food and animal feed products as well as the acceptability and safety of animal food/feed ingredients. We can help prepare submissions for FDA review and approval.

  • GRAS: EAS Consulting Group, LLC has a long and successful history of leading companies through the GRAS process. EAS has expert consultants in the areas of toxicology and regulatory requirements to take you through the steps of a GRAS determination.
  • Food Additive Petitions: Food additives used in animal food are usually characterized based on their composition and intended use. An animal food additive is generally intended to supply nutrients, add aroma/flavor, aid stability, or alter a food’s characteristics. A manufacturer or other sponsor may petition the FDA for approval of a new animal food additive or they may petition for a new use of an already approved animal food additive. To demonstrate that the additive is safe for the proposed use in an animal food, the sponsor submits a food additive petition (FAP).