Marketing and Labeling OTC Drugs and Cosmetics in Compliance with FDA Regulations

OTC Drug and Cosmetic products have come under increased FDA scrutiny. How well do you know current Cosmetic and OTC Drug regulations and regulatory trends? Are your labels in compliance with requirements? How can you keep on top of the latest labeling issues?

Learn cosmetic and OTC drug labeling and compliance from former FDA officials who helped shape current labeling regulations and who understand compliance issues. This hands-on, two-day seminar covers the basics of how cosmetic and OTC drug products are regulated and what is needed to comply with the complex set of labeling rules. The seminar introduces the latest in cosmetic and OTC labeling issues that have gotten attention from FDA and provides answers to your most challenging questions.

At the Seminar, You Will

  • Understand OTC and Cosmetic compliance and labeling requirements from experts who helped to develop and implement the current regulations and have reviewed hundreds of regulatory issues for the industry.
  • Learn about Cosmeceuticals, what’s permitted, and how to avoid trouble.
  • Understand the OTC Monographs and how they can be used to your advantage in marketing your product.
  • Learn about hot issues that have triggered recent FDA warning letters.
  • Have your specific issues addressed and discussed in a casual, interactive learning environment.