Cosmetic Recalls

FDA is not authorized to require a recall of cosmetic products however they may request companies to do so. From ingredient/component suppliers to manufacturing/processing/labeling, to the distribution of the products within the U.S. market, firms should take a proactive approach to ensure the safety of their product and reduce the potential for a recall. And sometimes a recall is the best course of action. EAS can assist with the performance of a mock recall to assess your readiness to execute an actual recall.

In general, the cosmetic company itself initiates a voluntary recall. A recall may require removing the product from the marketplace entirely or taking corrective actions to fix the problem.

In the unfortunate event of a recall, EAS can quickly and thoroughly assist in formulating an action plan to remove and correct the situation which warranted FDA’s attention. Assisting your company in bringing your products back to the U.S. marketplace in a manner that meets FDA’s requirements is our priority.