Submission of GRAS, FCNs and Food Additive Petitions

Before a substance can be legally added to food in the U.S., with rare exceptions, it must be either an approved food additive, prior-sanctioned, or determined to be generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in food. Today, many people choose the GRAS option as the way to meet this requirement.

The GRAS route offers two options, GRAS Notification, where a prepared notice is submitted to FDA for review and comment; or Independent (self) GRAS conclusion where the stakeholder makes the determination that the use of the substance is GRAS.

EAS Consulting Group, LLC has a long and successful history of leading companies through the GRAS process. EAS has expert consultants in the areas of toxicology and regulatory requirements to take you through the steps of a GRAS determination.

If the GRAS option is not feasible or preferred, EAS can help you with other options, e.g., food additive petition, food contact notification, the threshold of regulation, etc.