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Foreign Supplier Verification Program Course


FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) is one of the rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulation and places new levels of responsibility on the FSVP importer and the foreign suppliers. The rule was enacted to ensure that food manufactured, processed and grown in other countries comply with US food safety standards for imported foods for Humans and Animals. Through thorough assessments of the food safety practices of foreign suppliers, responsible parties can verify and approve suppliers, or reject, based on compliance history. Unless otherwise exempt, the person responsible for FSVP compliance must now be declared as FSVP importer for each importation of FDA-regulated food (including dietary supplements) on the Customs and Boarder Protection filing documents.

FDA cites failure to have an FSVP program as one of their highest FSMA citations in FY 2020 observations.

The compliance dates for importers subject to the FSVP rule differ according to a number of considerations. Join EAS lead instructor and Trainer of Trainers, Jenifer Kane, for the complete FSPCA and FSPCA curriculum developed FSVP seminar. Learn how to:

• What new responsibilities you have as the FSVP importer to ensure the safety of imported foods,
• Determine if your imported foods require full or modified FSVP standards or are exempt from the rule,
• Develop or strengthen your written FSVP programs,
• Determine risks of reasonably foreseeable hazards for each type of food imported,
• Develop a robust evaluation and verification program to approve suppliers,
• Maintain required documentation demonstrating compliance with FDA’s regulation,
• And more!

Participants who successfully complete the seminar and learning objectives will receive the official FSPCA FSVP certificate.