Food Labeling Compliance Seminar


EAS’ Food Labeling Compliance Seminar has been awarded 16 CEU credits by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

As the food industry turns its focus to compliance with the latest FDA guidance for labeling regulations, the significance of those changes and how they influence claims are raising questions. Which ingredients must be declared as added sugars and which can be dietary fiber? EAS Consulting Group, with our vast expertise in assisting food firms in all manners of FDA compliance, is offering a food labeling compliance seminar in Alexandria, VA and an opportunity to learn from our internationally renowned labeling experts.

Learn food labeling regulations from internationally renowned experts, who had primary roles at FDA in shaping current labeling regulations and experience in the development of thousands of food labels.

This hands-on, two-day seminar covers the basics of how foods need to be labeled to comply with the complex set of labeling rules, covers the latest in food labeling issues that have gotten attention from FDA, and provides answers to your most challenging questions.

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