Legal Support

EAS Consulting Group, LLC. provides regulatory assistance to law firms and regulatory support staff representing FDA and USDA regulated industries. Our vast network of professionals work directly with the company’s in-house counsel, or on behalf of a company through outside counsel, EAS offers unparalleled technical support and expert guidance in all areas of FDA regulatory compliance.

Whether your firm is looking for an expert witness for clarification of FDA policies and procedures; assist with the preparation of regulatory responses or submissions; GMP facility audits; or other client needs, EAS can be a strong and effective resource.

EAS offers assistance in adjudicating insurance claims and servicing as an expert in depositions and civil litigation cases. With high-level experts in all areas of FDA regulations, EAS is well recognized as representing the industry in all manner of court cases.

EAS has provided thousands of hours in expert witness preparations and testimony for each of the FDA regulated industries. Our expert consultants, former FDA officials and high-level industry leaders, draw on their professional experience to provide expert opinions on FDA requirements, policies, and procedures. Their opinions help companies prepare for and defend against lawsuits regarding health and medical claims, structure/function claims, product safety and efficacy, manufacturing procedures, and many others.

EAS offers one of the most experienced groups of consultants available on FDA regulatory compliance issues. As new standards and regulations proliferate, EAS keeps abreast of the changing regulatory landscape, allowing us to deliver up-to-the-minute policy advice to our clients. Our experts have the knowledge, qualifications, and experience necessary to explain and clarify the issues to our clients and the courts while establishing credibility and persuasiveness as witnesses.