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Welcome to the January 2020 edition of EASeNews. I am pleased to inform you that on December 10, 2019 we announced that EAS has been acquired by Certified Laboratories (CL), a leading full-service food testing laboratory servicing the food industry since 1926. Their expertise is in microbiology, chemistry, nutritional labeling, food forensics, imports, and problem solving for the food industry. (www.certified-laboratories.com). 

Certified also operates Labstat, a best in class tobacco, nicotine and vape safety laboratory based outside of Toronto (www.labstat.com) as well as Labs-Mart, a dietary supplement, vitamin, and healthy products laboratory. Labs-Mart operates in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Anaheim, California. (www.labs-mart.com).

This acquisition will allow EAS to increase the regulatory consulting services it offers, and our clients will have direct access to world class testing for its products. EAS will continue to operate as an independent company under the EAS Consulting Group name with the existing staff remaining in place. I will be available to serve as an advisor during the transition. Dean Cirotta and Brett Steele will continue their respective roles as President and Vice President of Finance, IT & Administration reporting to Mr. Steven Mitchell, former President of Certified Laboratories, who serves as the CEO for the newly combined organization. In addition, the Commodity Directors (Allen Sayler, Cathryn Sacra, Tara Couch and Bryan Coleman) will remain your points of contact.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this new organization that includes industry leading testing facilities. While I have been looking for a way to ease into retirement after a wonderful 55-year FDA and consulting career, this has offered me the opportunity to keep the company intact, provide for future growth, and expand the services we can offer our loyal clients.  I invite you to contact me or the other members of the EAS staff to discuss how the combined companies can provide one-stop shopping for your regulatory, training and testing needs.

The introduction to the next issue of EAS-e-News will come from the Desk of the President, Dean Cirotta. While I will still be here and available, it is time to turn the keys over to Dean and Brett to carry the business on to even great heights. 


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Ed Steele
Chairman and CEO

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