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EAS announces FDA proposed changes to Nutrition Regulations for Foods

The FDA has announced its first proposed updates in two decades to the food Nutrition Facts Panels. This update, appropriately timed with the fourth anniversary of Let’s Move!, covers changes to the nutrition label facts panel design and content such as the inclusion of added sugars, a more accurate representation of serving sizes, RACCs and nutrient declarations.

The proposed rules are:

EAS has partnered with FoodMinds and Nutrition Impact, LLC to create Food Label Compass, which will harnesses the expertise of all three partners to create a suite of nutrition analysis, regulatory consulting and strategic services to guide food and beverage companies in understanding the impact, complying, communicating, and capitalizing on the new FDA guidelines. Food Label Compass will conduct in-depth analyses of the food and nutrient content of clients’ brands relative to the new FDA guidelines. It will identify the potential changes to the serving size rules (Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACCs)), assess the impact of potential changes on Daily Values (DVs) and on nutrition claim criteria.

Food Label Compass will develop regulatory recommendations and guidance to construct labels modified to reflect the new requirements. In addition, it will validate claim opportunities, answer questions on how to comply with the new nutrition information rules and ensure the information is presented in an approved and consumer-friendly manner.

If we can be of assistance in helping your company to formulate a response to the proposals, or to better align your labels for compliance, feel free to call (571) 447-5500.