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Edward A. Steele - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Welcome to the January 2018 issue of EAS-e-News, our free news update for industries regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

As with any new year, we are excited for all it will bring – anticipating new product innovation, compliance dates for regulatory requirements and expectations by the agency on matters affecting our industry.

Speaking of new product innovation, December saw a number of new efforts by the agency including a comprehensive technical framework and regulatory pathway for manufacturers of medical device products created on 3D printers. The agency has even approved its first drug which, through a porous matrix created on a 3D printer, enables patients suffering from seizures to benefit from the drugs more quickly.

This emerging technology is advancing quickly. Scientists at CDER are researching how the 3D printing of drugs impacts inactive ingredients and other drug components and engineers at CDRH are investigating the effects of design changes on safety, performance, fit and functionality. In a Guidance document released in December, FDA clarifies thoughts on 3D printing device design, testing of products and quality system requirements. This is an exciting time in the device industry and we look forward to the innovations in years to come!

Our Issue of the Month article on pharma data integrity is written by Independent Consultant, Brian Nadel. Brian discusses validation concerns and reminds us that electronic data systems must be validated at each site, using company-specific systems. He also reminds us that once FDA finds some of a company’s data to be unreliable, it considers all of the data unreliable. Stay vigilant to avoid problems down the line.

We welcome three new independent consultants – Gustavo Gonzales, Ph.D., Steve Cammarn, Ph.D. and Karen Dixon. Dr. Gonzales has a long history of assisting the food industry with safety and regulatory compliance, having held roles at Sillliker, Specialty Foods Group and Jack in the Box, and Dr. Cammarn is an expert in pharmaceuticals and personal care products with a particular focus on quality assurance of manufacturing, research and development, and Ms. Dixon is a specialist in the area of tobacco who most recently oversaw Quality Management Systems at Altria.

In addition, I would like to congratulate Cathryn Sacra who has been promoted to Director of Labeling and Cosmetics. Cathryn has been with EAS since 2008, serving in roles of increasing responsibility. She is an asset who, in her new role, will have direct oversight of projects focusing on the labeling of foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. I’d also like to welcome Susan Catloth who is joining EAS as the office manager.

In this issue, you will read about three expanded partnerships for EAS in the areas of SQF, pharmaceutical, and OTC regulatory training. We look forward to working with HACCP Consulting Group (SQF), CfPIE, (Pharmaceutical) and CHPA (OTC) to bring the best information on regulatory requirements to the widest audience. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming seminars and webinars.

We are also introducing a new section called “Ask the Expert”. We receive numerous questions through the Contact Us link on our website, many of which we feel would be of interest to industry-at-large. In this new section, our Independent Consultants and Senior Directors will answer common questions of concern, removing any company-specific information of course. We hope you’ll find this new section to be of interest and we invite you to submit any questions that you’d like to “Ask the Expert” here.

As always, thank you for your interest in EAS and we invite you to share this newsletter with your colleagues.

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season,


Ed Steele,

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