Ron Levine Expands EAS Services Offering with Creation of Expert Witness Training and Consulting on Complex Commercial Matters

Ron Levine

Ron Levine, EAS Independent Consultant and General Counsel of Herrick, Feinstein LLP will lead EAS’ newest training initiative with a comprehensive look at how to be an effective and sought-after Expert Witness.

Ron Levine has over 40 years of experience advising consumer products companies in complex commercial matters. He offers a wealth of services to EAS clients including

  • Litigation research including relevant records and subpoena requests
  • Research on outcomes of litigations involving similar claims
  • Due diligence assessments including claim history of a target company, risk management policies and procedures
  • Preparing for FDA inspections from the perspective of record production and management
  • Preparing and editing reports to federal agencies and other entities

Ron’s latest projects include helping Expert Witnesses strengthen their understanding of the role, expectations and skills required for being an effective expert witness. With topics including 

  • Understanding the discovery process and the role of the expert
  • The engagement process of becoming an expert
  • How experts are utilized in investigations, trials, and arbitrations
  • Projecting expertise as part of written reports and oral testimony 
  • The business of being an expert witness 

Ron is a pragmatic advisor who helps clients anticipate, minimize and resolve the financial and reputational damage arising from claims and potential claims, Ron specializes in crisis management, for food and beverage manufacturers, where he advises on class action litigations and investigations, including labeling, FSMA, advertising claims, product recalls, FDA regulations, new technologies such as 3-D printing and block chain and many others.

Additionally, Ron has developed EAS’s newest seminar on how to become and strengthen skills as an expert witness. This seminar, in Alexandria, VA and offered remotely will be November 6m 2019. For more details see EAS in Action.

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