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Food Nutrition Facts Panel Webinar Wrap-Up

EAS Senior Advisor for Labeling and Claims Elizabeth Campbell instructed a fantastic webinar along with DeAnn Liska, PhD, Sr. Director, Nutrition & Scientific Affairs at BioFortis and John Szpylka, PhD, Director of Chemistry NA at Silliker in a co-sponsored EAS-Silliker production on September 23rd. It should come as no surprise that there are plenty of proposed changes by FDA to the Nutrtion Facts Panel, and many of those have raised comments and commentary as to the applicability to various types of foods and packaging sizes.

One big take-away from the webinar is the increased emphasis and importance of record-keeping by food manufacturers, no matter how the new regulations shake out. For instance, in the question of added sugars, since added sugar and naturally occurring sugar have no analytical distinction, FDA is proposing to require access to records, which would include analyses of databases, recipes, formulations, or batch records, to verify the amounts of added sugars which are declared on labels. FDA enforcement will be a review of these records on request.

Another take away is the fact that manufacturers have a lot of questions as to the requirements of what and how nutrients should be listed on labels, particularly smaller labels. Also, how will nutrient content and health claims be impacted with the changes to serving sizes, RACCs and DVs?

There are still many questions as to how these new regulations will look and be enforced. Stay on top of the information through EAS updates, EAS-E-News and through our Food Label Compliance Seminars. Of course, you are always able to call us with questions or submit a question via “contact us” on this website.

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