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FDA Releases Additional FSMA Final Rules

FDA released the much anticipated final rules for

Firms can now begin the diligent and precise work of gap analysis and compliance planning to ensure all procedures are updated to meet FDA’s much stricter standards. The rules are a heavy read in their entirety so FDA has also created a webinar series with airing dates of:

  • Produce Safety – November 17, 2016 from 2-3pm Eastern
  • FSVP and Third Party Auditors – November 23, 2015 from 10-11am Eastern

EAS’s Team FSMA is now working through the many hundreds of pages of regulations to ensure the expertise you have come to expect when seeking guidance from our firm.

From questions such as which rules apply, and how, based on size and income to the environmental impacts these changes, EAS is able to provide a pathway to compliance. Our team of experts includes former career FDA as well as high level industry executives with a unique insight into the practical applications of compliance and moving businesses forward.

The EAS-designed FSMA Readiness Assessment will enable your company to see where your procedures are currently strong so that you can focus your attention on where they may be weak. A thorough understanding of how the rules fit together so that you can form a cohesive implementation plan will be the key to compliance.

You may find the attached EAS FSMA information sheet helpful as you consider possibilities for outsourcing some of your readiness needs. We look forward to providing assistance and thank you in advance for choosing EAS!